0101: Watson Tries Its Hand At Beer

0101 beerYou never know what IBM’s Watson is going to end up getting into. When Watson tried its hand at burritos, it actually didn’t go that well, but it’s since been given a shot at beverages – specifically, the beer market.

The beer is named 0101, and the name is significant – it was meant to celebrate the new year. PSFK reports that first Watson parsed social data to detect the emotions we used on and around New Year’s Eve to ensure the brew targeted the right mood profile.

Then it started crunching recipes:

It then takes that profile and can categorise each beer according to different human adjectives, such as “assertive,” “friendly” or “intelligent.” Then the IBM Watson team began to analyse 2,800 different beer recipes while giving the computer descriptions about the ingredients, recipes, tasting notes and beer reviews. This method helped to identify the perfect recipe.

High Peak Brewing Company in the UK was then tasked with whipping up Watson’s brew, and all the love, joy, harmony, cheerfulness, optimism, resolution and excitement we’re hoping for in 2016.