No Logo

chalkboard-cookie-tinFound a cute container with a little too much branding? That’s easy to rectify.

This little copper-colored vessel was part of a package sent to my office at Christmas (the cookies were all gone by the time I got to them  – probably for the best). The color is gorgeous, but the cookie logo is probably under clearcoat – impossible to remove. Blah.

But wait… what if there were a permanent yet flexible way to render it logo-free?

1) Ordinarily I’d use steel wool or something to rough the surface up before applying paint but I figure the clearcoat is on there for a reason, either to stop the container from rusting or leaching various metals or, oh, I don’t know. So I just made sure it was clean.

2) I applied three or four coats of chalkboard paint.

3) I ‘cured’ it by scribbling all over it and wiping it off. Curing chalkboard paint is probably the second most fun messy DIY task ever. The first is grouting.

Yep. The final product is total pinterest-core. Though I’ll probably still use a container-inside-a-container that I know is foodsafe if I decide to actually plant rosemary in it.

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