What The Internet of Things Could Really Do For The Coffee Maker

subzero-wolf-coffee-makerYes, there are already coffee makers connected to the Internet of Things so you can start up your coffee from the comfort of your own bed- and for those with predictable schedules, the programmable coffee maker far predates that.

But we’d like them to get a little more sentient, given how important they are to our lifestyle – and the technology is there, for whomever wants to put it together.

Critical components for us would include:

  • A fully-functioning mobile app: This would give us a friendly UX for firing up a cuppa on-demand, along with helpful notifications for needed maintenance and supplies, plus alerts when our brew was ready.
  • Integration and awareness from our other systems: It’d link up to our thermostat, wearable device or phone alarm to take note of when we woke up in the morning and get our espresso ready, and check our calendar on work-from-home days to see if a red-eye would make our four-hour block of meetings more palatable.
  • Vendor relationships: The ability to phone home if we need a part or repair is obvious, but it should also be able to notify a fave retailer (like Amazon) when fresh beans or filters are needed, and order automatically or text/email a list of selections (just in case we ever get sick of Intelligentsia Black Cat).
  • Integration to wearables: Because we want to know if we really are more energetic after that triple shot or lethargic on days where we don’t get enough caffeine.

Oh, and:

  • A sensor: Just in case we forgot to leave a cup in the appropriate position.

This can’t possibly be too much to ask.

Can it?