The Guardian: IKEA vs. the Antiques Trade

This piece in The Guardian yesterday started off with confessions of a design critic; and yes, it’s true, even the snobbiest among us may very well have an IKEA piece or two somewhere. If you choose wisely, you’ll find pieces with unique lines that help to democratize good design and blend well with your rarer pieces. No shame.

The Guardian quotes BBC antiques expert Judith Miller to say IKEA is “killing off the antiques trade,” and we feel this will not be the case. We hope more that IKEA will be a gateway to the appreciation of good design – encouraging appreciation and collection of eclectic pieces that wouldn’t flat-pack well.

tl;dr: If your house is all IKEA, your taste probably isn’t bad at all, but maybe take a stroll around your local antiques district and consider mixing it up a bit; you might like it.

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