Pop Painting with Camilla D’Errico

pop-painting-camilla-d-erricoCamilla D’Errico, the graphic artist whose previous book covered manga techniques, has released a new one – “Pop Painting,” which covers techniques of pop surrealism. Though D’Errico says she’s not a fan of labels, she’s expressed a fondness for the style and the movement, though her style seems to cross multiple genres.

The book’s a refreshing visual study of her artwork and process – her work is dreamy, ethereal, feminine and captivating, and visually compelling throughout. In the first half of the book, she tackles the notion of what pop surrealism is, inspiration, composition, how to get around a creative block and techniques of color, which should be of interest to aspiring artists and general fans of her work alike. In the second half of the book, you’ll find more step-by-step tutorials, which are quite thorough. She’s taken the how-to aspect seriously! There is a wealth of information in D’Errico’s book about techniques, materials and artistic style. Her openness is inspiring, as is her approach to her art and using her creativity.

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