Nike x Eames Shoe Prototype

nike-eames-ora-ito-shoe-loungeThis little creature is an application of Eames lounge chair design to Nike-emblazoned Gore-tex and wood footwear. It was designed by French designer Ora-Ïto, but has no existing plans for production.

The sleek shape actually reminds me of some of my beloved Royal Elastics rendered in much richer materials – and it would be amazing, actually, to see this shoe rendered without the Nike swoosh. (We would, however, be amused to see a Flyknit version of the Eames tandem sling if an Eames/Nike fusion is ever in the works.)

Eames Foundation? You guys listening? Please let this shoe become an actual thing, but please ensure it’s designed without shock mounts because I would hate it if my shoes cracked in half at the arch.


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