Hidden Portraits: Art With Watson

Cadillac House on Hudson Street in NYC always has something interesting on exhibit (oh, and pretty good coffee too); from April 25-May 7, 2017, stop in and check out Art with Watson: Hidden Portraits. The project is a collaboration between 15 contemporary artists and IBM Watson, performing deep dives on well known artists and thinkers to generate new artwork. Featured in the exhibition are Charles Darwin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Paul Rand, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Josephine Baker and Thomas J. Watson.

To inspire the new portraiture, Watson was first given training data relating to each portrait subject – writings, letters, speeches, sketches, photos, handwritten notes and music, as applicable. Watson then analyzed structured and unstructured data to find novel insights. The commissioned artists interpreted these findings, and created portraits illuminating the newly uncovered nature of their subjects.

There’s also a Cognitive Photo Booth within the exhibition that will use the Watson API to create personalized portraits of guests.

Check out the video, IBM Presents the Making Of Art With Watson: