Chateau Calculus: James Stewart’s Integral House, Toronto

james-stewart-integral-houseIf you took calculus in college you probably used an edition of the same calculus book we did: James Stewart’s Calculus With Analytic Geometry. It was pricey, but at least it covered three semesters of calc classes at my college. After seeing his home, it’s easy to feel better about the price tag on that textbook, because it seems he used much of the money he derived (no pun intended) from his career to build a gorgeous home, Integral House, which is bright, light, sinuous and certainly utilized calculus in its design.

After consulting with many architects, Stewart settled on Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe of Canada, who built a 17,000-sf iconic home surrounding a large concert hall. (Stewart’s other passion was music.)

The home is presently for sale for just under $23 million. See the gallery and property drawings from Sotheby’s, and check out the amazing video tour: