Give It a Hundo

Practice makes perfect, yet for most of us patience is scarcely extant these days, and the same goes for free time. Formal education has been supplanted for so many skills, even if they can’t be mastered instantaneously.

What’s the de minimis threshold of time and rigor you’re willing to commit to learning something new? If you can handle just over three months of commitment and the creation of some video, the Give It 100 project might work for you. Their About page puts it succinctly: “100 is a place for people who live life 100%. Choose what you want to get better at and share a video of your progress every day.”

You determine your own level of difficulty and the nature of your challence: some participants want to learn to knit, build a racecar, lose weight, or ride a unicycle, while others are attempting to get out of a wheelchair and learn to walk, and still others are committing, simply, to post the 100 videos. While the creators of the site acknowledge you may look back at your Day 1 video and cringe, after 100 recitations, it’s highly likely you’ll also be impressed by how much you’ve improved.

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